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Tuesday, May 1, 2007
10 Sex Manner Women Always Want From Men (Part 1)

Ohh..Man...Here are 10 etiquetes you should consider to get that return invite :

1) Begging For It

Express what you want to do. Expressing your sincere desire and appreciation will let her know what works for you and how much it would mean to you. And why on earth should women resist when you ask so very nicely? Then there all the different shades to say thank you from "that was good" to "do it again!" It's always nice to give and get positive reinforcement.

2) Setting The Scene

If you've got the night of seduction planned, there's no need to get in the satin sheets and revolving mattress complete with mirrored headboard. But you don't have to be a set designer to chuck your dirty laundry, porn VCDs and empty pizza boxes under the bed. Give your place a bit of a tidy and dim the lights, which helps set the mood and hide the more obvious dirt. Other option is to light some candles and put on mood music - but the real necessity is a box of tissue and glass of water by the bed. You'll need these if all goes right.

3) The Heat of Action

Who knows what kind of kink people can be into? But until you find out for sure, refrain from the following - spanking, choking, hair-pulling and phrases like "Bitch!" unless she's begging for it. If this is your thing and you want to share it with her, then ask nicely first, introduce it slowly and only ever with her consent. If you're in a relationship and want to try something new, discuss your action plan with her beforehand and never just spring it on her in bed when she will be vulnerable and cannot react comfortably. Women can be adventurous and she may be up for it, as long as you make clear to her that whatever fun and games happen in the bedroom you will respect her outside of it.

4) Wash and Go

Good sex is usually a messy affair. This is why the tissue by the bed comes handy. It's your gentlemanly duty to remove any liquids that you've spilled on her, and what better way for you both to get clean and then jump in the shower together? If she's someone who likes to get cleaned up straightaway, then of course you have to take turns cleaning one another. With all the lathering up and slippery sliding, you may just end up exactly where you started.

to be continued....


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Saturday, April 28, 2007
10 Things Men Crave For (shhhh…..when in bedroom) – Part 1

Ladies! Forget what you read. Ermmm..Massages and sexy candlelight don’t really turn them (men) into tigers in bed. Here is what they really want. Ready? Now take a deep breath cause the journey could be very, very erotic…

1)Get On Top

There are many women in top jobs who are nakedly ambitious and driven. Yet these women find out it difficult to take charge in the bedroom because they think it’s not ‘ladylike’. But any man will tell you that taking charge in a bedroom can get tedious. So ravish them! Use them as a sex toy! In fact, they believe that they exist to please. Push them up against an elevator wall, go down on them and ride them hard. Take your pleasure from them, cause they love it watching you sit astride them and that pink blush starts in your breasts and moves up as you hit the BIG O. Men will not a dominatrix who’ll whip them into performance shape, but they don’t want passive little girl either. In short, they love a woman who manage to be on top of them.

2)Get Oral

If you go down on man, do it like you mean it, not because you think you have to. The worst thing you can do is lick daintily like you would an ice-cream. Actually, that is the second worst thing. The worst thing is when you scrape your teeth against the sensitive skin of the willy, especially on the top. To deliver a top class performance, remember to visualise and treat it like a 3-D experience. Start by building anticipation by giving us light stroking with a hand, then follow it up with your tongue. Slowly caress the family jewels with your hands and give them a soft, gentle squeeze. A nifty trick : take them into your mouth before popping in big brother. Locate the perinium – the soft fldof skin between the scrotal sac and the anus and press down gently on it. At the same time, put your mouth over the shaft and slide your mouth up and down, keeping your teeth out of the way. Put your hand at the base of the shaft and move it up and down as you move your mouth. Swirl your tongue around the tip, using clockwise and counter-clockwise motion while keeping the hand movements constant and regular. It may seem a lot to think about, but you know what they say : practise make perfect!

3)Tease Them

Imagination is your sexiest weapon. Accidently dropsomething and allow us a peep up your mini-skirt. Alternatively, if you are in a crowded room or a social situation, whisper exactly what you don’t have on underneath. Allow a grope on the sly. But keep us from the real deal until much much later. By that time, we would have had you on our mind for hours and worked up a feverish appetite for you.

4)Be Quick

The idea with quickies is to keep spontaneity in our sex life. While the regular menu is wonderful, a change of diet is sometimes necessary to appreciate life’s worth it moments. The quickie is the sexual equivalent of a change of diet. It is a guilty pleasure, but it offers full satisfaction. Unbridled lust in a girl is a horny thing, so men wouldn’t mind it in the least if you turned to them in a quite little place in a park with a twinkle in your eyes.

5)Get Kinky

The definition of kinky is relative, so to each his/her own. However most of men love a women unafraid of exploring her sexuality and that means experimenting. Occasionally you may have to open your man up to ideas, but whatever the nature of your experiences, remember that for it to be a pleasurable one, it should be a mutual decision. It could be as simple as extending your sexual routine by venturing into the world of leather and lace. Whatever it is, an open mind is usually a sexy one.

Look out for the next episode of what men want 3 days from now


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Myth No 1


Truth :

Inside the vagina is the hymen, which is stretchy and flexible. In fact, it’s more like stretchy lace than a solid covering. So it is very possible it will not tear the first time you have sex. Hymens come in different shapes and sizes too – some are thin fibre, like elastic band, which the penis can easily squeeze past.


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Myth No 2


Truth :

Condoms do not provide absolute protection against herpes, genital warts, scabies, “crabs” and molluscum contagiosum as infection sites may lie outside the condom, in the public region


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Myth No 3


Truth :

Oh dear, of course you can. Some women have even fallen pregnant from the man ejaculating on her legs - near her vagina. So, be careful girl.

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Myth No 4


Truth :

During sleep, pressure is placed upon the lower spine, which causes an erection in males. Plus certain hormones rise at night, which can trigger an erection. Males perceive this erection as 'arousal' and it's this that gets them to rocket the fireworks!

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Myth No 5


Truth :

Do not let this myth cheat you out of satisfaction. In order to reach orgasm, you must tense major muscle groups such as the stomach, arms and legs. Instead of relaxing the mind, it helps to focus on erotic toughts. It doesn't sound romantic but orgasm is partly a reflex that occurs when there is enough blood in the genitals and tension in the muscles.


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